Size Guide

Recommendations to buy
In this web site you will find two kinds of pajamas: in the section baby boy and baby girl the pajamas are the right size, it means not big or small.
The last baby size is 9-12 months.

Then sections "Boys and Girls"  starts form siza 12-18 months and every pajama is in two pieces, trousers and shirt.
The sizes of pajamas are deliberately abundant, so buy the right size:
All sizes are unisex. Ex: If you decide to buy a 6-7 years size, remember that  this pajama will be closer to a 7 years size. That's because every child is different and pajamas should be all comfortable.
Since November 2013, we have introduced new sizes to satisfy a lot of requests! We are happy to say that we come up to 12-13 years, we are ready to launch mums and dads models to dress up all the family, including the difficult teens.
I would also like to give advice to wash the flannel pajamas and the plumetis: since the 100% cotton flannel is being shrinks, the fabric has been pre-washed to avoid the problem, but I've to say that flannels should be washed in cold water and dry with low temperatures (when using the dryer) to preserve the fabric.

For any other questions please email us