About us

How we started
Our children spend a lot of time in pajamas, and often fathers see them only and only in pajamas, so why leave out your pajamas?
I am a mother and as such I love to see my son cared for, well-dressed, perfumed, at any time, at home and outside.
We started from a simple idea: style at home.
Today all the pajamas are made in Italy and sewn in an old shirt company where skilled hands, thanks to the long tradition of excellence, creates something precious to touch and wear.
All fabrics are selected from the best Italian and international textile companies. 
We try, in our small way, to give voice to the beauty that there is in Italy, from textiles to the manufacturing. 
Everything is dedicated to our children, because they are the ones who deserve the best, get them used to elegance also and above all at home is at the top of our values.
Our products are exclusively sold via Internet and we personally follow every request and purchase.
Advices and opinions are always welcome.